VR 360 Photo Tour

The 100 (Showroom)
A Private Estate Showroom. Suitable for Real Estate Housing and commercial developers who wants to reduce the crowds coming into the show room and allow potential buyers to remotely view the virtual tour space at the comfort of their phones and computers.
Mercure Grand Mirama
Hotels industries can make full use of virtual tours to let wedding couples view their ballroom spaces without having to make physical appearances.
Luminor Hotel
Static images can only do so much to showcase the comfort of a space. With virtual tours, potential hotel stayers can have an interactive view of the space in a full VR 360 setting, showing every intrinsic detail to wow your audiences.
SQA Interiors
Businesses with showrooms can also use virtual tours to let customers have the first look of your space to stir interest in them to make an appointment. Interior designers, furniture malls can start to sell even without the customer coming physically.
Cleo Jemur Business Hotel
Show off your spaces by using virtual 360 Photo Tours to give your customers the best online experience to have a good first impression of the space they want to stay.
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CraftsmenSG Productions is proud to collaborate with StandVT to provide forefront solutions in virtual 360 tours. As society transits with social distancing measures, businesses would want to ensure there is proper crowd control. Virtual Tours can help just that by allowing customers to view a space remotely from the comfort of their homes. A well designed space is everything to a customer who wishes to rent or stay for their milestone events. So why not try VR 360 photography, interactive user interface can help create a space as close to you being there in person.

What's in it for you? 


Link us up today to enable you business go virtual with VR 360 tours. A standard VR 360 photo tour can get you the following services:

1. 360 Seamless view photos

2. Navigation functions

3. HTML link for embedding tours to your own website

To get the best experience, we suggest that you consider the following add-ons:

4. HDR ultra high quality photography

5. Integration of sound and video media on specific spots of the tour.

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